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Stories for retelling, Grade XI

Written By Rahman Musaba on Senin, 09 September 2013 | 17.31

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Choose one of these stories, and retell it in front of the class.
The Old Man and the Golden Fish
A Traditional Chinese Folktale
Retold by Hoh Chee Bin from China
In this story, an old fisherman receives something wonderful, but then his greed for more good things leads to grief. There was once an old man who liked fishing. He always fished in a lake, which was near his house. One day, the old man brought his fishing rod and fishing tackle and went out to the lake to fish after he had eaten his dinner. When he reached the lake, the sky was becoming dark. There was a boat beside the lake. The old man used the boat and rowed to the center of the lake. He began fishing in the center of the lake. After a while, he fell asleep. Suddenly, the old man woke up as his fishing rod was shaking. The old man pulled up the fishing rod and caught a fish. To his surprise, it was a golden fish. Even more surprising, it could talk to the old man. "Can you let me go, please?" The fish begged the old man. "No, I am going to eat you," The old man said. "Please! Let me go. If you let me go, I will give a golden rope," the fish said. "Golden rope? Is that true? How can I trust you?" the old man asked. "You can put your fishing rod into the lake and a few minutes after, you are going to get the golden rope, " said the fish. The old man listened to the fish and put the fishing rod in to the lake. After he pulled up the fishing rod, he saw a golden rope attached to the fishing line. The golden rope must be very long the old man thought because he could not see the end of the golden rope. The man was very happy and he continued to pull up the golden rope. "Let me go now that you have the golden rope," said the fish . "No, I won't let you go. I am going to sell you. I think someone will pay a very high price to get you." The old man said. The man then put the fish into a container, which was full of water and continued to up the golden rope. As the man pulled up the golden rope, his boat began to sinkinto the lake but he was too greedy and still wanted to get all of the golden rope. He continued to pull it. Finally, his boat sank completely into the lake, and the old man died.
A Broken Promise
A Japanese Folktale
Told by Mami Takenaka from Japan
In this folktale, a good person receives a reward for his kindness, but then decides he wants more and has to face the consequences. Long, long ago, some children were playing at a seaside when they found a turtle. They began to bully the turtle. After a while, a young man came and said to them, "Stop it!" The children went away then. "I really appreciate your kindness. I really would like to invite you to a wonderful palace now," the turtle said. As soon as the young man got on the back of the turtle, he was taken to a secret palace in the sea. When he arrived at the palace, he was very surprised and said to the turtle, "What a nice place!" The palace was very beautiful, and the king of the turtles gave a feast for him and he met many people. He had never seen such a good feast. He received a warm welcome there, and he was very satisfied with everything. He thought there was no other place nicer than that one. He said to the turtle, "Thank you, I am glad to have met you." When he left, the turtle said, "I am going to give you two boxes, but you can only open one of the boxes. You must not open both. Don't forget!" "All right. I will open only one." he promised. A large crowd of people said goodbye to him, and he went back to his land. After he got home, he opened the bigger of the two boxes. To his amazement, there was a great deal of gold in the box. "Heavens!" he said loudly. He was rich now. He thought, "The other one must also be full of money." He could not stand not opening the box, so he broke his promise and opened it. As soon as he opened the box, he became an old man. His hair turned white and his face was full of wrinkles. His looked like an old man over eighty years old. It all happened in a moment. After that he regretted what he did. "Just because I broke the promise..." he said, but it was too late.
The Greedy Farmer
A Traditional Turkish Folktale
Turkan Ece from Turkey
This story tells the story of a greedy man who is never satisfied with what he has. The more he gets, the more he wants. There was a farmer in a village. He was very ambitious. He wanted to make more and more money. In the spring time, when it was rainy, he called out to God, "If it were sunny, I would sow some wheat." The next day, it became sunny, and the farmer sowed some wheat. After that, he called out to God, "If it were rainy, it would be useful for my wheat." The following day, it rained. The farmer called out to God, "If you gave more rain, my wheat would grow more." The following day, it rained again. Then, in summer time, he harvested his wheat and collected it in a heap. The farmer called out to God, "If you had given more rain, my wheat harvest would have been bigger." He asked God, "Why didn't you give me more rain and more wheat?" Then God made heavy rain, and all of the farmer's wheat floated away with the water.
The Prince and the Princess
A Traditional Lebanese Folktale
Retold by Esam Elhefian
A long time ago, there was a prince who was very brave and a great knight. There was a princess too who was very beautiful and kind. They lived happily in a big castle. One day, a witch went to the castle and said to them "I hate you both, and I hate love, too. I am going to kill you." "No, I will kill you and kill evil with you!" the prince replied bravely. Then, the prince tried to kill the witch, but he wasn't able to do anything because he changed into a fox as soon as the witch said "Prince, change into a fox." Then, the princess tried to help her love, but the witch changed her into a frog. After that, the witch took them to a prison in a tower. After a few days, someone sent a dragon to help the prisoners. The dragon went to the witch and blew some fire from his mouth and burnt her. After the witch was killed by the dragon, the prince and the princess returned to their natural selves and lived happily together for the rest of their lives.
Endless Love
A Traditional Korean Folktale
An original tale written by Ji-Young Lee from Korea
This is a tale of undying love between a young couple who won the struggle to be together. Long ago, there was a village named 'Sa-rang' in Korea. The village had two flowers that cried when a couple passed nearby. These flowers never died. A long time ago there was a couple, Soo-il and Soon-ae, living in Sa-rang. They loved each other so much that they wanted to get married, but Soon-ae's father, who was very rich, never allowed her to marry Soo-il, who was very poor. A few days later, her father lied to her. He told her that Soo-il got married to another girl and pushed her to marry a rich guy named Jung-bae. She was very sad because she believed her father and agreed to marry Jung-bae. But, Soon-ae' and Jung-bae were not happy because they did not love each other. He hung out with friends, met other girls, and seldom came back home. They would not stay together long. One day, Soon-ae heard a strange, continuous sound from outside the window, so she slowly went to the window and opened it up. When she looked down, there was Soo-il. Her heart started beating faster, and she made up her mind to go to him. She jumped down from her room, which was on the second floor, and then she felt a big pain and fainted. When Soon-ae was able to open her eyes, she saw the people she loved. There were members of her family and Soo-il. They all looked at her with concern, but at that moment she discovered that she could not move at all. She knew her father had lied to her, and she cried every day. Soo-il came to see her every day, but her father would not let him see her. Soo-il decided to secretly take her to a small town in the country where nobody could find them. In that town. he cut trees and sold them to make a living, while Sa-rang slowly recovered and was able to move again. One day when Soo-il was coming back home after cutting trees, he saw a rose on the edge of a cliff. Because Soon-ae liked roses, he tried to pick the rose. Unfortunately, he slid and fell over the cliff. While she was waiting for him as usual, some people living in the town came to her with his possessions. Immediately, she went to the place where his possessions were found even though she could not walk well. However, when she got there, she could not find his body, only a strange flower. After that, she never ate or drank and never talked to anybody. She only thought about Soo-il, who could never return to her. A couple of days later, she closed her eyes for ever and ever. She was buried near the place where the flower was found. After a while, her grave disappeared, and another flower appeared in the same place as the first one.
The Man Who Was a Liar
A Traditional Turkish Folktale
Retold byTurhan Ece from Turkey
A person who tells many lies is usually not believed or trusted by anyone after a while. There was a lonely man who lived in a small town. Most of the people who were living in that town knew him because he was a liar. Before he became a loner, he had once had a family and a good job, but he sometimes told small lies to his customers. Then, he started to tell big lies to both his customers and his family. Because of this, he and his family faced a lot of problems. He promised to be honest about his job, but he didn't keep his promises, so he lost his job. After that, his wife and children left him. He continued living in the same home along. Almost all the people who were living in the town didn't trust and believe him. One day, a fire started in his home. He ran out of his home and hurriedly went to the center of the town and shouted to the other people to get help. "My neighbor, please help me. My home is burning." Nobody believed him, so they didn't go to his home to help him. His home burned down completely, and he was left homeless. There is a famous Turkish saying: The candle of someone who lies almost always burns just to midnight. After his candle goes out, nobody gives him any light. He remains without light.

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