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Written By Rahman Musaba on Jumat, 10 Maret 2017 | 16.14

11. These tourists, … are Japanese, were among the crowd participating in the “Manquinne Challenge” competition.
A.      there are many
B.      many of them
C.      whose many
D.     many of whom
2. As the crimes basically … on the unaware situations, they are now increasing.
A.      depending
B.      to depend
C.      depends
D.     be dependent
3.      “You were supposed to be here ten minutes ago. Where were you?”
“I … for a place to park”
A.      am looking
B.      was looking
C.      have looked
D.     looked
4.      Every night the watchman turns on all the lights and … around the building every half an hour.
A.      walks
B.      is walking
C.      to be walking
D.     to walk
5.      The way Jody approaches girls not only makes the girls flattered, … .
A.      and also creates lively situations
B.      but also creating lively situations
C.      and he also creates lively situations
D.     but also creates lively situations
6.      “Last night a thief broke into my brother’s house”.
“Really? What … from the house”
A.      he took
B.      it was taken
C.      was taken
D.     was being taken
7.      “I could have asked my brother to lift the table.” From this sentence we may conclude that … .
A.      I didn’t lift the table
B.      I lifted the table with my brother’s help
C.      I lifted the table myself
D.     I would ask my brother to lift the table
8.      “I haven’t got the report on the seminar held last week”
“I’m sure it … on your desk yesterday. Do you often go to a restaurant?”
A.      put
B.      being put
C.      was putting
D.     was put
9.      Tito Karnavian does not mind doing extra work, but he doesn’t like … .
A.      criticize
B.      criticizing
C.      is criticized
D.     to be criticized
10.  The essays were judged for their creative ideas, pleasant expression, and … .
A.      attractively laid-out
B.      attractively lay-out
C.      laid-out attractively
D.     attractively laying out

11.   Schools  influence … and how they behave
A.      students think that
B.      students think it
C.      what students think
D.     that students think 
12.  “ I need more data about the suspect”
“Heriadi might be able to help you”.
The underlined means … .
A.      Perhaps Heriadi can help you
B.      Heriadi can help you right now
C.      I’m sure Heriadi will help you
D.     Heriadi was able to help you
13.  “We could have eaten the ice cream yesterday” means … .
A.      We have eaten the ice cream
B.      We didn’t eat the ice cream
C.      We had to eat the ice cream
D.     We should eat the ice cream
14.  Each of the participants … received an invitation
A.      having
B.      have
C.      has
D.     be having
15.  “Tony got A for English SIP test”
“That’s great! He … about it”.
A.      must be happy
B.      had to be happy
C.      could have been happy
D.     should have been happy
16.  “Have you delivered the packages to the customer?”
“Not yet, some … .
A.      have been wrapped
B.      are still being wrapped
C.      would be wrapped
D.     were wrapped
17.  Narto and I will wait at the corner until you … with the car.
A.      are coming
B.      come
C.      came
D.     will come
18.  All new students at this university are required … an English proficiency test.
A.      take
B.      to take
C.      will take
D.     taking
19.  This is the latest news about the killing of a rich family in Pulomas Jakarta …
A.      whom
B.      of which
C.      whose
D.     which
20.  “Have you already decided where to go for holidays?”
“Certainly, we … to Italy.”
A.      go
B.      have gone
C.      will have gone

D.     are going

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